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Data Science Nano-Degree Capstone Project


If you have a dog or you love dogs, most probably you (like me) always wonder which breed the dog belonged to? Do you know that there are more that 260 dog breeds? I think at most I know 15–20 breeds, what about you? :)

I have finished all required project for Data Science Nano Degree program (offered by Udacity) and for Capstone project (the final milestone), I had several options to consider. …


Analyzing Stack Overflow’s 2017 survey data


I believe there are lots of people like me that would like to switch their career path and find a prestigious data-related job.

From couple of years ago, I decided to dedicate part of my daily time to learn how to work with data. At that time, I didn’t have any serious plan to change my career path at all. …

Hello Medium Friends !

As this is my first post in Medium, I decided to first introduce myself briefly in this post for two main reasons; First: I would like you to know me better and second: I have plan to write on Medium continuously (hopefully!!) and in few years from now, I think I would like to look back and compare my first blog vs. the most recent blog :-). So, here is Me:

My name is Mehdi. I born and raise in Iran. After finishing my MSc, I decided to pursue my PhD in North America. I came…

Mehdi Khajeh

A motivated self-learner with background in Engineer and passion in Data Science/Machine Learning and Finance.

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